Kimberle Seale

Kimberle Seale is a business development coach with over 20 years experience in personal and professional development. Kim was launching her newest mastermind program and just couldn’t do it all anymore. She wanted to focus on creating content for her program while someone else put her dream clients in front of her. 

 Queue Sydney. Sydney came onto Kim’s team to put qualified potential clients in front of Kim so she could complete the sale and fill her mastermind coaching program. 

Sydney attracted Kim’s dream buyers through organic marketing strategies like networking in entrepreneur Facebook groups, leveraging her strong LinkedIn connections, and hosting live business development trainings. Sydney positioned Kim as THE industry expert through strategic brand messaging so her potential clients were confident and excited to buy.




” I got to a point in my business where I just couldn’t do it all. My biggest need to start with was finding and engaging with my ideal client. I just didn’t have the time to do it. So I started looking in my groups for someone that was engaged, well-spoken, upbeat, well-followed, and aligned with my values. 

Sydney is the BOMB!

When I found her, we jumped on a call and how she portrays herself online is exactly who she is in person. So positive, up beat and dedicated to her craft. On top of all of that she is awesome at what she does. She is worth every penny and so much more. 

Thank you Sydney for all you do. I can see that we will be working together for many years!

– Kimberle Seale

Jeanette Andrada

Jeanette is the owner and founder of her accounting firm, Lotus-FMS. She helps small business owners and entrepreneurs manage their cash flows, profits, and accounting operations.

The amount of value that I take from every conversation I have with Sydney is unbelievable. I can tell she is passionate about what she does and is truly driven by helping others succeed. I was and still am SO blown away by her expertise and willingness to help others.

Some really important things that Sydney has taught me:

1. Where to find my ideal clients
2. How to stay visible on social media
3. How to network in Facebook groups

I HIGHLY recommend you speak with her if you’re interested in having someone help you with your digital marketing and social media. 

I am very thankful she and I crossed paths!”

– Jeanette Andrada

Sara Andersen

Sara Andersen is an independent representative for Zyia Activewear. Her team has 4,000 people who generate $3 million+ per month in activewear sales. Sara wanted to put all her focus into growing, training, and uplifting her team and didn’t have the bandwidth to perfect and execute her online marketing that she knows is so important to driving sales.

Sydney came onto Sara’s team as a marketing consultant and community manager.

Sydney’s initial focus was creating and growing a community for Sara’s activewear-lovers to feel more connected to Sara in addition to the Zyia brand and products. Queue Sara’s Facebook group, monthly newsletter, and Instagram account.

 Sara’s social media accounts are the #1 revenue generating avenue for her business. Through monthly promotions, live video product reviews, and interactive content strategy, Sara’s customers know her, love her, and can’t stop buying from her!


Lynette Williams

Lynette is the owner of her marketing agency and the course creator behind Conversations to Conversions.

Lynette was ready to get out the weeds of her online marketing once and for all so she could finally put her ALL into her clients.

“Sydney was recommended to me by my business coach because I had reached the point in my business where I could no longer manage the daily, indirect tasks in addition to my client work.

Sydney has been a dream come true to work with!

She is so friendly and easygoing, just like me, so our personalities work really well together which is so important when hiring a team member.

I trust her completely to diligently complete her tasks, she regularly checks in and updates me, and is just a blessing to work with! 

Thank you Sydney for being your wonderful and amazing self!”

– Lynette Williams